The Origins Of Life (PBS Documentary)

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19 Responses to “The Origins Of Life (PBS Documentary)”

  1. NomNomNom661 says:

    Interesting, loved watching the DNA strand…A lot more interesting than stories about something in the sky that took clay from the ground and *poof* Adam apeared! I feel bad for everyone that believes shit like that. Brainwashing at its finest! Religions answer for everything is god. Why did I take a shit today? God blessed me with the strength to push! Lmfao yeah, ok lol

  2. shawso7 says:

    13:51 “Some how cells developed a language…” SOME HOW?
    Some how Santa gets around the whole world in a single night.
    “Some how…” sounds like a lot of FAITH!
    So much for evidence. Lets just start speculating crap.

  3. shawso7 says:

    You mean like Fibonacci Sequence is found through out nature? Which is an equation that even leading evolutionists agree can only be performed by an intelligent being. Thats why SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestial Intelligence) program is willing to accept its transmission as indisputable evidence of intelligent life.
    Or the evidence discovered in quantum double split experiment?
    Or maybe the growing scientific consensus that our DNA code is too sophisticated to have happened by chance?

  4. Rebelaxe Six says:

    Very enjoyable & very well done. A truly fascinating presentation. Cheers!

  5. isajaques says:

    <3 Science makes me emotional :')
    Thank you so much.

  6. Topdoginuk says:

    The phenomena that imbibes ‘life’ and ‘conciousness’ into beings is the elixir that eludes scientists to this day. I think that even if the LHC discovers ‘Higgs’ at 125 Gev or, other discoveries, we still have a long journey ahead to reveal and expose what this life giving entity really is.
    Sponges or single cell organisms or, prions & viruses may well be extraterrestrial in nature. There is much investigation to be done and analysis to be chewed but, I’m sure we’ll get an answer.

  7. conman2317 says:

    Creationism: Start with a truth claim, carefully pick and choose facts to support it, and spend a lifetime trying to prove any other theory false as though it makes creation the default.

    Evolution: Start with not knowing anything nor making a claim, look at evidence, meticulously look at every detail possible, hundreds of years of research, and come to a conclusion that fits best with the current understanding and evidence.

  8. LeksServices says:

    Well, that’s that, then. I’m a sponge! XD

  9. Lirianus says:

    I like documentaries about eveolution and this kinda shit. Imma download this shit.

  10. GBftw says:

    why did the guy say designed twice? people realy need to get out of the habit

  11. dirmilj says:

    Yeah, I think you’re right… :) 

  12. ciredrojdyr says:

    I don’t think the sarcasm survived the conversion to type. :D

  13. TurkiyeCumhurbaskani says:

    this is just awesome

  14. Velociraptormusic says:

    Wonderful documentary. Very brilliant.

  15. dirmilj says:

    I’m not expecting many creationists to watch this, this was an internal joke. Sorry you didn’t feel it.

  16. Helge129 says:

    No, it’s not. Fucking trolls…

  17. onesound69 says:

    stop trying to start a flame war and just enjoy the video

  18. dirmilj says:

    Is this a documentary about Gawd? :P

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