Hong Kong Action!

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7 Responses to “Hong Kong Action!”

  1. Roy Tan says:

    the one with the kick?
    looks like “story of ricky”

  2. leej vaj says:

    any1 noe wats thi name for 2:10 is???

  3. charliehamill1 says:

    i think youll like my channel! take a look! cool video!!!

  4. tworc20 says:

    0:47 the enforcer (1995); 1:35 yes, madam (1985); 1:24 The Killer (1989)

  5. cpssnorman says:

    im a HK citizen but i dont even know what these films are. by the way, it looks great!

  6. glenmann62 says:

    great u.s. chaos soundtrack ,punk rock and action great combo

  7. drunkenmaster1605199 says:

    Superb video there. Really entertaining.

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